News 6 tháng 5, 2020


Do you need activities that help you lower your anxiety levels? Here are some simple and entertaining ideas that you can even practice on your own or as a family!

Now that we are spending more time at home, we are learning to adapt to our new way of life. Our change in routines can generate anxiety for different reasons and depending on how each individual copes with change. How we deal or don’t deal with stress especially when social distancing and working from home can also affect our partner and children.

But is it possible to treat those moments of anxiety that plague us? We have a few suggestions and entertaining activities that will help you achieve this in the comfort of your home. 

Here are some ideas!

Be creative: 

The arts, in general, have always had the reputation of being an excellent way to relax our minds, especially if we seek to be more creative. So, an easy way to apply this at home is to draw, paint or colour in. If you don't like drawing, no problem. You can print patterns or use drawing books. You will see how it relaxes you to do this activity while listening to your favourite music!

Relaxation music is perfect: 

When you notice that you are being trapped by anxiety, try to listen to music that causes you to feel calm. An excellent alternative is the sounds associated with nature, be it the waves of the sea, birds, jungle, or what you prefer to distract and calm your mind!

Enjoy yoga and stretching exercises:

Muscle stretching exercises are perfect to help decompress our body, which can also feel stressed. Practicing yoga at home is a great idea, you can find so many clips on YouTube and find the right one for you!  If yoga is not for you then do some stretching exercises in a quiet environment and start to feel your body relax.

Cook a delicious dessert: 

Many times, we can calm anxiety by eating a dessert or something sweet. So have a quick dessert recipe on hand that you can make low-sugar or sugar-free and treat yourself.

Give yourself time:

In times of anxiety and stress, giving ourselves time to be alone is very important. Try to give yourself space every day for you, to watch a movie or series that you like. A wonderful idea will always be to be able to end your day with a relaxing bath.

It’s also a great opportunity to find time with your children and have a time in the day when you can all unwind and stretch on the couch and watch a movie that the kids can pick and just chill together.

Just try it! Give yourself some time and plan when you have time for your new activities so that you also have that space you need to get out of the routine and free yourself from anxiety.

And while these ideas are perfect to share with the family, they are also ideal for you to enjoy for yourself!