What is a travel system?
Parenting 1 tháng 3, 2020

What is a travel system?

When you leave the house before kids you can simply make a decision to leave the house, pick up your wallet, keys, and phone and head out the door. They were such simple times! And then you have a baby and the simple act of leaving the house becomes a mission. There are nappies, wipes, multiple changes of clothes, bottles, burp cloths… and that’s just in your nappy bag let alone your hardware and baby equipment! When you have a new baby, whatever you can do to make your life easier is going to be a winner. You need the right tools to support you in your journey. For many parents, a travel system becomes their best friend. It is an investment in your peace of mind that you’ve got this while you are out and about with your baby.

How a travel system works

A travel system is essentially a stroller and baby capsule that is designed to work together. And importantly they are designed with ease of use in mind. They are tired parent proof! Provided your stroller and baby capsule are compatible, you can take your baby capsule out of the car and clip it directly into the pram. There is no need to take your baby out of their capsule while they are sleeping in the car… and likewise, if they are sleeping in their capsule in the pram. Anyone who has ever tried to gently take a sleeping baby out of their baby seat - and failed - will understand that this is a huge benefit of a travel system. And once your baby grows out of their baby capsule, you can simply use the stroller seat attachment to convert the pram to a regular stroller. There is no need to buy a new stroller as your travel system will keep on doing the same job for you… and it will do it perfectly!

Why a travel system?

It all comes back to having the right tools as a parent. Whether you are a first-time parent who wants to make life simpler without having to juggle your baby in and out of their baby seat, or you are an experienced parent who will be dealing with getting your baby in and out of the car for school pickups and other activities, a travel system is like an extra set of hands for you. Travel systems are designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to fold, offering you the versatility that other prams don’t. With the added benefit of being able to use the same pram with your baby capsule and then through to the toddler and preschool years, a travel system has longevity through the early parenting years. And importantly travel systems were designed with parents in mind. We’ve mentioned that they are tired parent proof… but more than that they give you more flexibility to juggle everything you need to as a parent, with the peace of mind that your baby is safely resting in their travel system.

The elements of a travel system

There are two key elements to a travel system:

  1. The travel system compatible stroller 
  2. The travel system compatible baby capsule 

At Maxi-Cosi the Zelia Urban Stroller, Lila Stroller & Laika Compact Stroller are our adaptable travel systems. Some of our great features to name a few:

Zeila Urban Stroller

  • A reversible seat with multiple position recline
  • Large storage basket under the pram 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry Suitable from newborn to 20kg
  •  Cool baby wicking fabric 
  • XL UPF 50+ Extension canopy 
  • All-wheel suspension and easy braking system

 Lila Stroller

  • Duo configuration to accommodate two children (sold as a separate item)
  •  Easy one-hand fold and lightweight to carry 
  • Smooth travel with all-wheel-suspension 
  • Easily adjustable handlebar Suitable from newborn to approximately 4 years of age (20kg) 
  • Multiple seat and recline positions 
  • ShapeOfYou ergonomic newborn memory foam inlay

 Laika Compact Stroller

  • With fast one-hand fold 
  • Lie flat padded seat and soft carrycot (carrycot sold separately Lightweight and compact, measuring just 35cm wide 
  • Stands when folded for ease of storage 
  • Cool baby wicking fabric

Pair Zeila, Lila or Laika with a Mico Plus Baby Capsule and you have a winning travel system with all the features and benefits you need.


Benefits of a baby capsule

A travel system will not be compatible with a regular baby car seat and will only be suitable if you have a removable baby capsule. And baby capsules have many benefits:

  • Baby capsules can be removed from the car so you don’t need to risk waking a sleeping baby to take them out of their car seat 
  • If you will be using the baby capsule in multiple cars, you can simply buy multiple bases and use the same capsule across all cars. This will save you the expense of buying multiple capsules or car seats or the fear of installing them incorrectly if you need to move them between cars
  •  Baby capsules like the Maxi-Cosi Plus Baby Capsule or Mico AP have premium features to keep your baby comfortable - and happy - in their car seat. Features like Air Protect, wicking fabric to keep them cool and dry, and an extendable, reflective sun canopy with UPF 50+ sun canopy. Mico Citi is the lightest baby capsule on the market. 

The other option available to parents is baby capsule hire. You still get the same benefits of travel system compatibility and the premium features of Maxi-Cosi baby capsules but with a reduced cost.

Building your travel system

If you’ve opted for a travel system you’ve made a good choice. Hands-free baby juggling for the win! Putting your ideal system together is a really personal choice and there are a few questions you should ask yourself to help make the decision easier: Do you want to buy or hire your baby capsule? We have options for both to give you more choice with building your travel system.

Do you need to move the baby capsule between cars? Whether you choose to buy or hire a capsule, we have additional bases available for sale to make this easier. Buy or hire a single capsule and purchase additional bases to install in your other vehicles. Do you need a single or double stroller?

Our Lila Stroller can be used as both a single and double stroller. If you only have one baby but plan to have more, the Lila will easily convert to a double with the addition of an extra seat. Ultimately, we want to support you in your journey as a parent. All of our Maxi-Cosi products are designed with you in mind. We understand the sleepless nights and the juggle of life with kids. We are there for the evening strolls to the park, the trips around the block to get baby to sleep, and the moments of love and laughter. The highs and lows, we’ll take it all because for us, knowing that we are keeping your babies safe is the greatest reward in the world.